Bring Bub Along

Perry Street Cinemas is happy to introduce 'Bring Bub Along'!

'Bring Bub Along' sessions are specially designed for people with children. The lights are dimmed so you aren't in complete darkness, the volume is softened for your comfort and you don't need to worry about noise as everyone else is in the same situation. Relax with some friends and enjoy the latest movies!

What you need to know:

Conditions of Entry: Our Conditions of Entry apply to all sessions.

Prams/Strollers: Due to fire restrictions no prams/strollers are permitted into the auditoriums.

Tickets: Tickets to 'Bring Bub Along' sessions are $14 admit. All children under 3 are FREE.

When are the sessions: 'Bring Bub Along' sessions are held on the first session of each Monday for selected movies only. Tickets are limited. Look for the 'Bring  Bub Along' flag next to the movie in our weekly timetable. Tickets can be purchased online after 6pm each Tuesday.

***Please Note: 'Bring Along Bub' sessions are not held in the school holidays. Unfortunately we are unable to provide usage of appliances appropriate for heating baby bottles***

See you there!