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Perry Street Cinemas Batemans Bay
All persons entering this premises acknowledge that they do so at their own risk. In the interests of protecting all visitors, we ask that you do not enter the premises if you:
have travelled internationally in the last 14 days, have been in close contact with a person who has travelled internationally in the last 14 days, have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 and not recovered, within the previous 72 hours, experienced flu like symptoms, or have been advised by a public health authority to self-isolate or quarantine.
COVIDSafe app
The Australian Government recommends downloading the COVIDSafe app to speed up contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19).
To learn more about the COVIDSafe app go to:
While we are taking steps to protect the safety and wellbeing of our guests and our staff, COVID-19 is highly contagious and, as with any enclosed space, there is a risk of you being exposed to the disease when you enter the premises.
By entering these premises, you acknowledge that you are voluntarily assuming all risks related to your exposure to COVID-19 and that Perry Street Cinemas :
does not provide any representations or warranties as to the safety of the premises in relation to COVID-19,
does not accept any responsibility to you, or any third party, in the event that you or a third party contracts COVID-19 as a result of you entering these premises, and
to the extent possible under law, otherwise excludes all liability in relation to your exposure to COVID-19 when on the premises.

Perry Street Cinemas is located on the top floor of the Citi Centre Arcade, Orient Street, Batemans Bay.

Yes we are! We have a liquor licence and service is at the discretion of Management. 

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to play every film released because we do not have enough screens. We do however try and get a range of movies to cater for most audiences.

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The Council Perry St carpark is just outside and there is undercover parking across the road in the Village Centre.

As the cinema's screening schedule varies, there are no set hours we open or close. However, the cinema will open 15 minutes BEFORE the start of the first session and closes 5 to 10 minutes AFTER the last session ends. We are open 7 days / nights 364 days... only exclusion is Xmas day!

Perry Street Cinemas is proudly fully accessible for those confined to a wheelchair.

Your ticket will ensure you a seat however we do not have allocated seating. Popular films will generate longer lines for tickets and gaining entry into the cinema. We advise to get a preferred seat we suggest you arrive early for your movie.

Yes! DOWNLOAD OUR FREE APP for all up to the minute movie session times and to purchase your tickets online. Movie schedules are determined on Mondays for a schedule which commences on a Thursday of the same week. Schedules are posted on our website by Tuesday evening. The next day's program is also available on the phone answering machine (call 02 4472 6009)

YES  we do :-)

Yes! We have specially printed gift vouchers available at the box office. Vouchers are valid for 3 years.

The different Film Classifications refer to the content of a movie and to what audience the movie is suited to. Please see our Ratings Information Page for detailed information from the Classification Board.

We have application forms available at the box office. We are always looking for quality individuals who can integrate into a team environment and who have a high availability.

Yes, we can offer a discount for groups of 20 or more, please contact the box office for details. Note this may be subject seasonal conditions.

The length of time any film will play is based on the amount of business the film generates, contractual obligations, and the time of year. The more popular a film is with patrons, the longer it will play.

Yes, you can advertise on our screens. Please use our Contact Form or call us on 02 4472 6009.

Please use our Contact Form if you have any further questions.

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Questions about 3D

We use Masterimage 3d System with recyclable glasses supplies inclusive of your ticket cost. Be green and bring them back next and save a $1.50 off your next 3D ticket or simply recycle them in the special bin provided outside your auditorium.

Yes, but only if they are Masterimage 3D glasses.

The way 3D movies are created is to have an image for the left eye, and another for the right eye. When you try and watch a 3D movie without the glasses you will see both images on top of each other, This is quite distracting and very hard to watch. Most big releases we will have in both 2D and in 3D.